Overeating – It’s Not Me, It’s My Brain!

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Overeating – It’s Not Me, It’s…

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This statement is true.

If you are like most of us and overeat from time to time (or a little more than that like most of us), then I just want to tell you: IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT

That’s right – it’s not.

Every day many people get told the same old scripture by health professionals:

“Eat less!”

“Reduce your portions.”

“Burn more calories than you consume!”

Leaving us walking out of the Doctor’s office or training studio rolling our eyes, thinking:

“Well, congratulations my dear Watson, you’ve just cracked the secret code! How grateful you have told me this, I never would have thought!

  • NOT!”

The majority of us know these things, we just don’t know why it is so hard to actually do them!

Well, if you’ve ever felt victimised by your own body; betraying you with it’s unrelenting urges to eat more than we know we should in order to hit our health goals or making us gravitate towards the wrong foods - the ones with all the delicious ingredients you know are going to sabotage your plans to fit into last summer’s swimsuit - then you’re quite right! It is betraying you! More specifically, YOUR BRAIN is betraying you.

There is a strong connection between the brain and weight maintenance.

Habits are formed in the brain and these can seem out of our control because we no longer make a conscious decision to do them. 

The purpose of these habits becoming automatic and unconscious is to save energy; which to your brain, is great for optimum survival. 

Do you think about putting one foot in front of the other when you walk? You have probably even driven home from work and don’t even remember doing any of the actions of driving in order to get home. This is because certain habits have now become automatic so that you can focus your mind on other more survival preoccupations such as looking out for danger, or even planning your meal for when you get in. 

Dean Burnett describes how the mechanism of the brain overrides the feeling of fullness in order to be able to fit in that ice-cream or bit of cake works in his book “The Idiot Brain” which I recommend you read.

During my last decade as a weight coach, I came to realize how pointless it is to just tell people to “reduce their caloric intake and increase calorie expenditure”. 

In fact, I discovered there are hidden mechanisms going on in the body either because of the brain or vice versa - what is happening in the brain is due to what’s going on in the body.

So, I formulated my own weight loss method which I have used on many, many clients now and I haven’t got bored (and never will) of seeing how happy they are to see weight dropping off faster than they ever imagined and without even feeling like they’re trying and being able to KEEP IT OFF effortlessly.

I couldn’t believe it at first either, but after coaching many clients and having had such a high success rate, I know I can pass this on to ANYONE and they can have the same success as all my previous clients.

To find out how I discovered this, you can join my free masterclass here: 


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