Online Video Therapy for Work Related Stress

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Online Video Therapy for Work Related Stress

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As a provider of Online Psychological Therapies for stress-related conditions such as anxiety, Click Therapies has noticed that in the workplace employees are being bombarded with ever-increasing amounts of stress. If this is not managed properly and treated using evidence-based psychological interventions, it can lead to more serious problems for employees such as severe depression.

Stress can be explained as an adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure, this summed up our view of stress in the workplace.  If you consider that there were an estimated 12.8 million working days lost due to work-related stress, anxiety, and depression in 2018/19 according to the Labour Force Survey, then this becomes a major issue worthy of serious attention.

The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) recently launched a campaign urging all employers to manage stress at work more effectively for all employees, this sent waves of panic around many industry sectors.

Employers need to be aware that stress is now classed as an accident at work and should be investigated fully, not just left with the doctors' note sitting in the HR in-tray.

Employers should be looking for signs in their employees of stress, such as anxiety symptoms, heavy drinking (which has been linked to stress). Personal issues can have a dramatic effect on working life so managers should be more approachable for issues and help wherever they can.

Managers are responsible and should receive stress management training & how to carry out suitable and enough risk assessments on stress either in a generic format or personal risk assessment on individuals. In addition, they should also know where to refer individuals experiencing stress such as an Occupational Health section.

Implementing good control measures, ensure excessive working times are eliminated, all holiday entitlement is taken, job rotation is considered, Flexi-working arrangements are discussed; reporting pathway for work-related stress is well known and acted upon (without employees fearing dismissal), whistleblowing on bullying & harassment is encouraged and confidential, external psychological therapy is used.

A strong stress management policy that is communicated to all employees is a good starting point for the management of stress in the workplace.  Click Therapies are ready to assist employees with their stress management strategy. We offer structured online video therapy, assessments, and treatment packages. Online Video Therapy provides flexibility for employees who may not wish to attend appointments face to face in a therapy room.

Our independent approach to Online Video Therapy for Stress ensures that employees receive evidence-based psychological therapies recognised by NICE guidelines. Online Therapy which is delivered by our team of highly experienced and accredited CBT therapists.

Take the next step and get in touch with Click Therapies to discover how we can help you manage employee workplace stress with Online Video Therapy.

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Click Therapies provides Mental Health Charities, Insurance Services and Businesses with Online Therapy :

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