Great 3 day conference generated through Professionals UK in partnership with Crown Clinic

Burgeon Events Conference & Event Planner

Great 3 day conference generated through…

Using the Professionals UK platform, Burgeon Events was very proud to team up with Crown Clinic to deliver a fantastic three day conference for FUE Europe at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Manchester. This three day annual conference was a groundbreaking event for the hair transplant industry as it was the first time many elements were brought to life together for one event. From streaming live surgeries to conference rooms, ballerina dancers in their dazzling, shiny butterfly outfits, to the traditional bhangra dancers, right to the Gala Dinner at one of football’s most iconic football grounds, Old Trafford, this event had it all. Operating from two venues using the Radisson Blu's hugely popular facilities and Crown Clinic's very own medical facilities, it was a truly wonderful three days with some unforgettable moments.
With over 220 international delegates made up of the top hair surgeons worldwide attending as well as all the sponsors, the Burgeon Events team arrived in Manchester at the crack of dawn raring to go and logistically prepared. With careful pre-planning and some amazing attention to detail from the team, we delivered what can only be described as a huge success story. From day one, the guests arrived nice and early to check in and collect their lanyards and goody bags. Excited for what was to come, the attendees could not wait to get into the conference room and for the fun to begin.
The event operated across three rooms, one main conference room and two breakout rooms in the Radisson Blu and then from the surgery rooms at the Crown Clinic. Each room was made up of speakers and a panel which allowed the attendees to really benefit from their experience gaining knowledge on all the new products in the industry as well as new techniques to operate on their future clients. Taxis were on hand to shuttle the guests from the Hotel to the Clinic for those who had purchased tickets to witness the surgeries live whilst the rest watched on from the conference room as the surgeries were streamed live to the screens.
The event offered amazing food and entertainment across the three days. Lunch, snacks and canapes was truly exquisite and we owe a massive thankyou to the Radisson Blu kitchen team and their staff for their efforts. This was then followed up by a superb three course dinner at Old Trafford on the last day. We had various dance groups for entertainment. The remarkable dancers we had on day one were elegant, the dancers we had at the Gala Dinner were astonishing, sophisticated and lastly the fabulous bhangra dancers were full of life, energy and had everyone involved with their performance.
The collaboration of both our companies allowed us to put on the most amazing three day event hosting the FUE Europe annual conference at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Our client Crown Clinic was at the forefront alongside us and the FUE team to deliver this spectacular experience. 
We would like to thank Professionals UK, Crown Clinic, FUE and of course our very own team for the memories that were made!!
Burgeon Events Conference & Event Planner

Established in 2018, Burgeon Events aims to provide a fun and interactive events and hospitality service. Specialising in hosting and staging corporate, networking and private evens whilst also…


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