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Leadership and coaching

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Dr Jayshan Keejoo is trained by Harvard Kennedy School, USA, in the field of Global change and Leadership and is an executive Certified Corporate Trainer for various well renowned global organisations and foundations in delivering corporate training on global mindset and international culture change. Experienced, self-motivated and proactive professional with extensive and diverse years of background in impacting business performance through skilled configuration of resources with Project objectives, Dr Keejoo is a master in personal development and an expert  and instructor  in Fire Walking Exercise. With his expertise, he twists, instills and forms individuals to make them happier and successful in life.

Besides, he is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce with special sitting in the following commissions: Special Advisory group of G20, Commission for commercial law and practice, commission for corporate responsibility and Anti-Corruption, Banking Commission, Commission for Arbitration & Commission for Environment and Energy.

Dr. Keejoo has many years of hands-on experience as a leader and executive, both in the public and the private sector.   He has been working closely with various renown clients globally, which include leaders in a wide variety of industries, including government, law enforcement, education, pharmaceutical, financial, technology, automotive, retail, and utilities. Dr Keejoo’s areas of expertise are leadership development, organization development and effectiveness, mediation & arbitration, strategic planning, focus group facilitation, customer service, team building, and change management.  Last but not least, Dr Keejoo has been recently nominated as the Leading advisor and Arbitrator in the African region.

The purpose of Dr Keejoo as a Change Agent Specialist is to provide a learning program that develops the capacity for leadership and change that goes far beyond administrative and managerial expertise into the realm of orchestrating problem solving, inspiring creativity and facilitating change.  Being a specialist in coaching and mentoring, Dr Keejoo gives us a brief explanation of the terminologies below.

To be a global change agent and provide leadership for a shattered world, one must expand his own boundaries of self-understanding and capacity for intervention. Without self-development, one, be it a politician, professionals, CEOs, head of departments, would find it difficult to cross boundaries and operate in complex, uncertain environments, and one’s behavior might exacerbate the fractures that already exist.

Change agent leadership also requires a healthy dose of moral wisdom. By "moral wisdom" I mean an ethical compass to guide one in figuring out the appropriateness of the change that you seek and the processes you employ as one goes about one’s work. Given the problems generated today by tribalizing authority figures, ugly groups, extremists, corrupt politicians, and irresponsible corporations, there will be times that one must be willing to be a voice against injustice and abuse, even if such a stand puts you at risk. Moral wisdom is needed to determine when to express courage and when to refrain; when a full-frontal attack is needed, and when a paced process of steady adaptation is the best approach. 

With a global mindset, one will find it easier to transcend self-interest, overcome group loyalties, and build diverse relationships when the challenge calls for it because it allows you to see the complex humanity in all groups. One can appreciate that the world is filled with a rich tapestry of myths, stories, and narratives that enrich the planet and can be harnessed for change. This mindset also enables you to be more multidimensional in leadership style and approach. 

Although we live in a globalized world, many people lack a global mindset because they communicate only with like-minded people and communities, be it at work, at home, or through social media. They have no real encounter with differences and avoid experiences that might generate a clash in values, beliefs, or style. 

Executive coaching is an essential leadership role.  Coaching requires special skills, even specialized training and most effective results.  The focus of training is on real issues, such as managing more competently, speaking more coherently and expressively and learning how to think strategically.  This require a content expert, i.e a coach, who is capable of teaching the coachee how to change, grow and develop these skills.

In many cases, Coaching is usually a short term process which is task oriented and performance driven.

When to ponder coaching:

§  When a company is seeking to grow its personnel in specific competencies using performance management tools and involving the immediate manager

§  When a company has a number of talented employees who are not meeting expectations

§  When a company is introducing a new system or program

§  When a company has a small group of individuals (5-8) in quest of bigger and improved competency in specific areas

§  When a leader or executive requires support in obtaining a new skill as a supplementary responsibility


Compared to coaching, mentoring is relationship oriented and always a long term process.  Mentoring is Off-line help by one person to another in making significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking.  It is also a power free, two-way mutually beneficial relationship.  Mentors are facilitators and teachers allowing the partners to discover their own direction. 

When to consider mentoring:

§  When a company is seeking to develop its leaders or talent pool as part of succession planning

§  When a company seeks to develop its diverse employees to remove barriers that hinder their success

§  When a company seeks to more completely develop its employees in ways that are additional to the acquisition of specific skills/competencies

§  When a company seeks to retain its internal expertise and experience residing in its baby boomer employees for future generations

§  When a company wants to create a workforce that balances the professional and the personal

 Fire Walking

Firewalking is a global phenomenon that helps people experience true change. The Ultimate Experience! Firewalking is a powerful metaphor if you want to face fear head on and achieve the seemingly impossible. The firewalk, which is completely voluntary, teach us a valuable lesson about the power of your mind and the effect that thoughts and beliefs have on your life experience and reality. If you can walk on hot coals, you can do anything! Firewalking is one of the oldest transformational tools the world has ever known.

When you listen to the voice of your soul, and take action on its behalf, all things become possible.

Firewalking teaches a profound lesson about the power of the mind, and the effect that our thoughts and beliefs have on our experience of reality. It is a practical way of confirming our instincts and validating our intuition.

Firewalking provides an unforgettable visual image to accompany our thoughts and beliefs. It shows us the vastness of human potential. And most importantly, it helps us to shift the energy of fear. 

There are many benefits to Firewalking, which is why after thousands of years we are still doing it! Here are a few reasons:

§  To face fear and teach the body how to move forward and make decisions, while in fear, can effect great change in patterned responses to fear (such as the fight, flight or freeze responses)

§  To deconstruct old beliefs that are not life serving (such as “I can’t”)

§  To move through perceived obstacles and limitations

§  To welcome and embrace the element of fire and utilize its medicine in a new and profound way

§  To expand your current realm of possibility

§  To purify the body and increase vitality

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Dynamic and motivated executive corporate trainer and change agent specialist with a proven track record of generating and building relationships, managing projects from concept to completion,…


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