For the last 8 years The People Connection Ltd have designed our services to meet our clients needs. We can provide you with your own HR department (without the big costs), or an online only service through the unique my staff manager. If it's just contracts and handbooks then we can do that too. We provide a range of services which are as unique as your business. We appreciate that businesses will have different needs at different times. We can provide the following: HR SERVICES IN YOUR COMPANY - You get your own professionally qualified HR expert who works on-site to get you up to date, keep you up to date and deal with any ongoing problems with you as they occur. This is your own HR department without the big costs and is delivered through our SOLUTION PROGRAMME This costs from £125 (+VAT) per month. ON-LINE HR SUPPORT - If you don't need in-company support, our unique online service MY STAFF MANAGER will be just right for you. This enables you to produce staff documents such as job application forms, contracts of employment and appraisal documents. My Staff Manager helps you to comply with the ever-changing employment law through monthly updates. If you need to ask a question specific to your business, our "ask my staff manager" section answers your staff queries with bespoke answers - not just FAQ's. All this for just £99 (+VAT) for a years membership. JUST CONTRACTS AND STAFF HANDBOOKS - We appreciate that many businesses are concerned that they don't have contracts of employment and well defined policies and procedures. We also know how this can play on the mind of key decision makers. Let us take care of this for you. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT- Here at The People Connection we believe that people are your most important resource. However we appreciate that it takes many parts coming together to make a success. We deliver bespoke in-company solutions to help the smaller business achieve success; addressing key areas such as strategic planning, addressing systems and ways of working, employee roles and the development of key performance indicators. Our work is as unique as your business but is designed to pay for itself through business results. Have a look at our website https://www.mystaffmanager.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you. The People Connection Ltd

Formed in 2001, The People Connection Ltd provides proactive HR support and development to SME`s in all sectors. Our philosophy is built around a `me to you` approach as we deliver our unique…

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What is a Business Health Check?

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