Are Your Employees Happy Campers?

Isosure Limited Health & Safety Consultant

Are Your Employees Happy Campers?

Looking after the health and wellbeing of your employees is good for business – ultimately it increases profits.

One of the biggest impacts on your company's productivity is the engagement and satisfaction of your employees. This is something you cannot afford to ignore, particularly as we move into the age of the Millennial workforce. 

According to a survey by the ManPower Group, two thirds of Millennials are optimistic about their immediate job prospects. However, and here's the really interesting point, sixty-two percent are confident that if they lost their main source of income tomorrow they could find equally good or better work within three months. This means that you should be investing in ensuring that they are happy in their place of work, and also are regularly trained to work effectively and safely. Or they will move on - because they are confident they can. 

So, high performing employees (Millennials or not) will leave your organisation if they are not satisfied with your company. Which is bad news for you as an employer because it costs far more money to train a new employee from scratch than to train them on the job regularly. Plus it is more difficult to attract new talent to work for you if your company is not a satisfying place to work. A workforce that feels valued by their employer through regular training and feels safe in their place of work is naturally more productive and happy. Your customer relationships will also benefit from this general feeling of wellbeing.

Sound risk management also supports this core value, wins friends and builds loyalty.

The good news for you as an employer is that Isosure Limited has risk management solutions and online training that will help you to ensure that your workforce is happy in their work environment, and gives you the reassurance that you are fulling your duty of care for them as well as your legal Health and Safety obligations.

Here's a few examples of topics available in our online training:
  • Risk Management Safety Essentials
  • Workplace Bullying & Harassment
  • Office Fire Prevention And Response
  • Ergonomic Essentials for Office (DSE)
  • Aged Care Health and Safety for Carers
  • Risk Management Safety Essentials

We’d love to talk to you about risk in the workplace, and training for your employees. Call and speak to us now on 01706 225419 to find out more about how we can help you increase your profits through a workforce of happy campers!

  • Staff Retention
  • Training and Development
  • Health and Safety Training
Isosure Limited Health & Safety Consultant

I formed Isosure in 2003 to provide consultancy and training in Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems. I am also a Certified Management Consultant, a qualified coach/mentor…



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