Your business will profit from a Security Vulnerability Assessment!

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Your business will profit from a Security…

Your business will profit from a Security Vulnerability Assessment!

If you are one of the many growing business owners in Manchester or the North-West, in which expansion is occurring faster than the development of Business Continuity controls then in our own experience you are likely to become a victim.

If you’re neglecting your close control because of the need of productivity, again you’re likely to become a victim.

The fact has been noted by many security professionals and Investigators here at INSIGNIS Investigations.

Every business, no matter how large or small, could profit from an objective review of their internal and external controls.  The Vulnerability Assessments Surveys we have personally conducted, with few exceptions, revealed that the majority of corporate management concern was directed towards external problems, such as theft (burglary and robbery), as the company’s immediate priority.  These issues are seen as primarily insurance driven.

Most businesses will take the necessary precautions to protect themselves against these, most will also give protection to high-value areas, such as computer centers, vaults, and locations where money is the principal product.  Many businesses however, still do not concern themselves with protection against unauthorised access to their premises; yet 75% to 85% of external theft is directly attributable to this source.  A prime example is unrestricted access at many warehouses we have surveyed to the shipping and receiving docks by non-employee truck drivers, making daily pickups and deliveries.

Crime losses far exceed the losses to business caused by fire and industrial accidents.  One professional security organisation estimates that the annual loss to business from fraud and employee abuse is twice as great as the total of all business losses due to fires and accidents!
What is a Security Vulnerability Assessment?
A Vulnerability Assessment explores physical vulnerabilities in such systems as transportation, distribution, and communications, and demonstrates how to measure key risks and their consequences.  It then provides cost-effective and achievable methods for evaluating the appropriate security risk mitigation countermeasures for these vulnerabilities.

Balancing the proper security measures versus the actual risks an organisation faces is essential when it comes to protecting physical assets.

Before any risk can be eliminated or reduced, it must first be identified.  One proven method of accomplishing this task is the Security Vulnerability Assessment.

Top Ten Security Threats

Listed below are the top ten security threats to most communities (listed in no particular order), followed by some questions that companies may use to assess their vulnerability to each threat.

Staff Members and Staffing Agencies.  How confident are we that we are hiring bona fide people; do we carry out pre-employment screening?  Do our suppliers and agencies carry out screening too?  Who has access to our facilities?

Loss of Data or Information.  How much of a concern are data breaches?  Are we confident that our data, including those held by third parties, are secure?  Are our systems secure, and who has access to them?

Extremism and Terrorism.  How concerned are we by terrorist threats?  Are we complacent, or have we carried out a reasonable assessment of the threats?

Physical Security.  How confident are we that our access controls and physical security measures are robust?  Do they prevent social engineering and break-ins?

Theft and Fraud.  Are we confident that we have preventative measures in place and processes to deal with events that may arise?

Lack of Security Awareness.  Are employees aware of security?  Do they change passwords, lock doors, and report issues?

Lack of Contingency or Business-continuity Planning.  Have we put contingency plans in place?  Have we considered business continuity scenarios and communicated the plans to our employees?

Storage and Disposal of Data and Information.  Are we confident that access to sensitive data is controlled?  Is secure storage available?  Do we destroy confidential waste in accordance with relevant standards? 

Lack of Training or Competency.  Do our staff members know what to do?  Have they been trained in emergency procedures?  Do they protect information?

Regulatory Compliance.  Do we employ illegal workers?  How do we investigate any infiltrations or allegations of non-compliance?  Is a site compliant with required reporting and controls or voluntary standards?

Why choose INSIGNIS Investigations as your Security Professional?

Losses due to all causes continue to represent a problem of major proportions for business and industry.  To the extent that the services of a security professional can help in eliminating, preventing, or reducing a company’s losses, they are needed.

The proper application of protection techniques to minimise loss opportunity promises the capability not only to improve the net profits of business but also to eliminate or reduce to acceptable levels the frequency of the most disruptive acts, the consequences of which often exceed the fruits of the crime.

Here, at INSIGNIS Investigations, we offer our Vulnerability Assessments to businesses and organisations around Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire, Cumbria and Yorkshire and they are designed with one very simple goal in mind:

To provide you, the business owner(s), with crucial evidence and reassurance that the people you are employing are not putting your company at risk and that the measures you have implemented are a strong enough deterrent.

Our Vulnerability Assessments are conducted by Private Investigators experienced in Business Continuity Planning and Security Awareness, therefore our Security Vulnerability Assessments are not simply a review of a company’s security measures (alarms, CCTV, etc.) with an intent to sell you a superior package or promote someone we’re affiliated with. For one, our objective is to recommend adjustments to your existing measures where possible so that you DON’T have to upgrade or re-purchase alternatives. And furthermore, INSIGNIS Investigations have ZERO affiliates in the security field so we’re not working to a commission or for the benefit of a pre-existing outside relationship.

Using our “Outside Advice” can furnish you with objective opinions without prejudice and without regard to internal pressures or corporate politics.  Our Investigators can, in effect, “let the chips fall where they may”.  Our Investigators can establish whether your security plan is up to date and adequate in every respect.

Don't become a Victim

Businesses often have a “knee-jerk reaction” to security.  It could be described as locking the barn door after the horse has been stolen.  We all know that the only thing this protects is what the horse left behind.

Proper security is worth spending some money to obtain.  If your company has no security plans in place we can establish the need for one and develop proposals for some or all of the security services commonly found in industry.

Visit our Corporate Investigations page by Clicking here.

INSIGNIS Investigations is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.  Check our certificate by clicking here.

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