Product Management Top-Tip - Getting what you want!

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Product Management Top-Tip - Getting what you…

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Product Management Top-Tip - Getting what you want! 

Are you starting a new role or do you just want to improve your business performance?

Here's a top-tip to help you achieve your goals: 
Meet the people you will be dealing with, that includes your customers, suppliers, your management, your teams etc. Ideally, on that first meeting don’t come with a big ask, it's just an introduction to put a face to the name and to start to build a relationship. Maybe have a lunch (if appropriate) or similar distraction to help keep it semi-informal.

So when you next want something from them, it will be so much easier to make the ask and they will be far more willing to provide what you want, after all, you have a "relationship".

I've done this many times in multiple roles working as a Project Manager and as a Product Manager and it's proved quite transformational in achieving my desired results. I once did a European tour to meet company Product Managers in each country, and from then on I was the go-to guy in London to get any business information from them.  I could then just give them a call and they would send whatever I asked for (yes - I was always reasonable what I asked for), the visits had just made it so much easier. Face to face meetings are by far the best, but if this can't be arranged then maybe video conferencing/skype would be a good compromise.

I have 20 years' experience successfully managing products and delivering projects for UK and Global corporates. I now work with businesses to share what I have learned, helping them to improve their Product Management and successfully deliver their Projects on time and to budget.. 

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