Goal Setting, waste of time or a tool for growth.

Goal Setting, waste of time or a tool for growth.

I started Mail Box Express in 1994 and for14 years kept saying we should open in other cities. We never did everything ways always in the pipeline but never got going. In October 2008 I wrote down my goals for the first time, guess what, yes you guest the became reality. So I thought it would be a good idea to goal set long term and monthly. If any of you have read my last article you will know that I live by my calendar so I put my goal into my tasks and calendar as reminders. I also put a reminder at the beginning of the month to set my goals and a reminder at the end of the month to review my goals. So like all bosses after a long weekend, I thought whats good for the goose is good for the gander and I set my employees the task of setting goals and sitting with me to go through them. This has seen a massive improvement in productivity. Since starting gaol setting I have opend 4 offices and the business has grown 20% per year.

I like finding solutions to save people money and time. My company can provide an extensive variety of delivery options that you don't normally associate with a courier.

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