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An R&D Tax Claim requires a technical report, this is the narrative that explains why a business is entitled to the relief. 

To build a robust R&D Tax Claim, it is essential that the person writing it fully understands the technicalities of the businesses projects. 

This is why we hire Chartered Engineers to work alongside the Chartered Accountants to deliver for every single client. 

We don’t stop there. 

Our Associates - the people who are responsible for engaging with our clients, aren’t just salespeople reading from a sheet. These are guys with site experience and knowledge. They understand the difficulties you face on-site and the complexities of your projects. 

Speak to one of our experts to find out if you could be eligible to claim - 0141 378 9200 

On Your Side 

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Marketing Manager for Harmoney Consulting Group. Glasgow.

Specialist in Research & Development Tax Relief. Helping businesses within Construction,…

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