FREE helpline for SMEs providing practical guidance on financial matters - call now!

FREE helpline for SMEs providing practical…

Finance Director on Demand is a free helpline for SMEs providing practical guidance and support with business financial matters.

Whether you are running a successful business, just starting out and find it difficult, or have a burning question that needs an answer, our Finance Director on Demand helpline is designed to give you quick and practical guidance so that you know which direction is the right one for your business.

This bespoke financial consultation can help you with the type of independent, experienced and trusted guidance on financial challenges that is so hard to find or too expensive to consider.

                                                                 CALL FD ON DEMAND ON 01582 256 122

How does it work?
A  phone call consultation lasts 15 minutes, simply dial the number (during office hours) or request a call back (out of office hours) and one of our EFM Experts will be in touch within the next working day.

On the other end of the line…Who we are?
Finance Director on Demand is delivered by highly experienced Finance Directors, with track records of delivering growth, control and profits for our clients. With a broad range of skills across both Financial Management and Business Advisory disciplines, our team has the ability to provide expert support to growing businesses, and to help you to drive the performance and value of your business, whatever your goals.

                                        Tap into our extensive network of experienced Finance Directors

Business Owners use this service to:

Receive professional advice on their financial issues

Learn how to better understand the key financial performance metrics of the business

Go through some of their cashflow issuesGet advice on shares issues and structure

Understand what they should consider when taking on business partners

Understand some of the personal implications of taking on debt and the practical implications of using the wrong type of finance to fund or grow their business

Go through some of the strategies for rewarding and motivating staff

Question if they really know what an invoice finance facility costs their business beyond the headline rate and whether they have the right one for their business

Identify suitable sources of funding for their business

Help them understand how their finances work

Review the possible routes to exit the business

Understand what they should look at in mitigating the financial risks of significant contracts

CALL FD ON DEMAND ON 01582 256 122

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