The Business Network Young Professionals

Thursday, 30th November 2017 from 09:30 to 15:30
Salford, M3 5LH, 50 Dearmans Place, The Lowry Hotel
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The Business Network Young Professionals


"Helping To Develop Young Professionals - Our Future Decision Makers"

"Today's Employees Don't Want A Career, They Want An Experience"

"Millennials currently have the least retention rate amongst professionals, with 41% expected to be in their current job for just 2 years"

"How Motivated And Engaged Are Your Employees?"

"Do You Struggle With Staff Retention?"

"Soft Skills Are The Hard Skills Of Today's Workforce"


The Business Network Young Professionals appreciates the value of investing in young professionals at the early stages of their careers. Our future leaders and decision makers.

In a world where artificial intelligence is becoming ever more prominent, it is the ideal event for furthering your personal development, developing your soft skills and growing your networks.

The seminar-based networking event takes place Thursday 30th November at The Lowry Hotel. The event will host a morning seminar on “Microsoft Tips and Tricks” from Lisa Johnson, an informal networking lunch, and an afternoon seminar on “Customer Service Excellence” from Nick Looby. Both seminars will be interactive.

In a world where artificial intelligence is becoming ever more prominent, it is the ideal event for furthering your personal development, developing your soft skills and growing your networks.

Speakers details : 

Lisa Johnson from SquareOne Training. Managing Director, Lisa Johnson has been training IT Software for over 30 years and is passionate about sharing information that will genuinely make a huge difference. She has been a guest speaker at many major events all over the world and has worked as a global supplier to many major Banks, Manufacturers, Government, Nuclear and Oil and Gas Industries.

Nick Looby from Feet On The Ground. Nick Looby has been delighting audiences for over a decade with his impactful humour, focused observation and his power to inspire action. He has a potent and unique approach to communication which will not only alter the way you think but, more importantly, transform the way you act.


09.30 Registration, Refreshments and Networking
10.00 Seminar One Starts - Microsoft Tips & Tricks
12.00 Lunch and Networking
13.00 Seminar Two Starts - Customer Service Excellence
15.00 Refreshments and Networking
15.30 Close


This session will show many shortcuts and tips which will help formatting documents, spreadsheets and presentations quickly. The presentation will cover:

Microsoft Word Shortcuts and Tips
Learn how to write, format and edit Reports
Working with Paragraph Styles
Section Breaks
Table of Contents - Indexing

Microsoft Excel Shortcuts and Tips
Essential Formulae (including VLOOKUP tricks)
Tips on copying Formulae and Sheets
Conditional Formatting
Tables and Pivot Tables


This workshop is designed to enable a philosophy of constantly improving your professional services to give you the ability to affect positive change both internally and externally.

As a service providing organisation, the way you treat your customers, clients and colleagues and their resulting feedback is an essential part of your success.

During the workshop, you will be able to enhance your people skills as we explore effective strategies for dealing with customers face to face, over the phone and across the varied electronic communication channels that we utilise on a daily basis.

All of the skills we work on will be of value both inside and outside of the workplace including body language secrets and the art of mind reading, how to deal with the difficult characters and what to do when you can’t say yes.

The workshop is inspirational, educational and packed with added value (and fun too).  All we ask is that you come armed with an open mind, ready to embrace customer service excellence as a part of your company’s culture.

The workshop can explore the following areas – let’s pick the most valuable skills and explore…

The Vision – Moments of truth in customer service and communication
Face to face expertise – Non-verbal behaviour and body language reading
How to communicate to win over the phone – 5 key skills
The art of communicating electronically – e-rapport building and Email excellence
Dealing with the tough stuff – beating the heat of difficult clients
Dealing with complaints – the opportunities and how to say no professionally

Both workshops will be interactive throughout and active participation is hugely encouraged - get stuck in and massively enhance your communication impact.

Who is this suitable for?
This programme is suitable for anyone who is keen to improve their networking skills, learn tips and tricks across various Microsoft Platforms and develop a greater knowledge and understanding the importance of Customer Service Excellence. All within a supportive and professional environment.

Hope you can join us!


*Any questions or if you require further information please contact me on 07912516178 or bnyp.co.uk
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  • networking
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Developing Networking Skills
  • Leadership skills development
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