Resilience - The Winning Mindset for An Eternal Upgrade

Tuesday, 12th September 2017 from 13:00 to 16:30
Manchester, M1 3WD, 46 Canal St, ONBar 3rd Floor
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Polkadot Consultants Ltd Business Consultant
Join us on our Seminar in Manchester

Resilience - The Winning Mindset for An Eternal Upgrade

"The time for strength of mind and character is now. Learn to recognise and use the behaviours succesful people utilise that give them the tecancity and ability to tcakle challenges and obstacles head on."

As a society, we are gripped by a period of innovation and adaption that has not been seen since the days of the industrial revolution, and that was way back in the 19th Century.

Those of us who have lived and worked long enough (you?) know that change has occurred often.

But even the word “change” is starting to sound hollow and outdated. Change implies; by default, a status quo, and we at Polkadot Consultants Ltd cannot remember the last time we saw one of those, unless you count a somewhat quirky but likeable rock group from the seventies.

This event will help you improve communication wth others, give you a mindset of new ways to think and see, as well as learning how to get the most from others in the modern age and maximise your success.

Come and join us and others like you to enhance your success in achieving your goals and objectives.

The course is open to anyone at any level in your organisation.
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